Our Location

Bantigue, Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines

Ormoc City is located in the Western area of the Province of Leyte. The Province of Leyte is located in the Eastern Visayas area of the Philippines.

From Manila

By Plane
Currently there are no direct flights to Ormoc City. To get to Ormoc, one can take a flight (Air Airlines, Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines) to either Cebu or Tacloban.
If you take the flight to Cebu, you then take either a fastcraft (a 2hr. ride) or the slow boat (5 hr. trip) to Ormoc City.
If you take the flight to Tacloban City, you have to take a two-hour car ride to Ormoc City.

By Boat
There are some shipping companies that have direct trips from Manila to Ormoc City.

By Bus or Car
One can drive to Ormoc City (a 24 hr road trip), or can take a bus. One the way, you'll pass through several provinces, and tourist attractions (like Mayon Volcano).

From Cebu

By Boat
One can either take the Supercat fastcraft (Pier 4), which is a two-hour boat ride. There are three trips every day. One can also take the slow boat. The trips takes about 5 hours and there are some boats depart at 1 p.m. and another boat leaves at 10:00 p.m. (and arrives at about 4 a.m. the following day).

By Car
One can drive to Ormoc, but will have to load your car on a barge either in Cebu City or Danao City).

From Mindanao

One can either take the bus directly to Ormoc or drive to Ormoc City. If you decide to take a plane or boat, the nearest airport and seaport would be Cebu.

From Other Countries

The most accessible entry point to the Philippines is by taking a flight with Cebu as your point of entry (Mactan Cebu International Airport), from there, you take a cab to the wharf (Pier 4) and take the Supercat fastcraft to Ormoc City.